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Quality Service Tenet
Quality policy:
Quality first, Customer foremost, Knight service, Sustainable improvement
We adhere to the customer as the main body, meet and lead the customer ‘s demand, provide customers with the first-class service.

Enterprise target:
To be a leading supplier with reliable quality and knight service.

Enterprise spirit:
Realistic, enterprising, collaborative, innovation

Enterprise mission:
Providing satisfied service for customer, society, employee

Business philosophy:
Details determine success or failure

Management policy:
to promote innovation with talents, to increase competitiveness with teams

Vision: International Quality / Dream Platform / Century Enterprise / Wealthand Honor

Mission: To become World Class Supplier, to provide satisfactory service forthe customers, society and employees.

Values: customer foremost / Workforce Focus / Worldwide Integrit / PatrioticEnterprise

Five-Year Plan:

       1. Brand——highlight the highlyinfluential High-end Industry reputation

       2. Culture——The formation of theculture: home schooltroop

       3. Team——100~150 people

       4. Sales——Break through 65million in 2018

       5. Innovative EnterprisesOf StandardizationManagement

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