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Non lamination sheet/inkjet printing pvc sheet white 0.76mm

Material Combination:
0.15mm PVC Printing Material (Material A)+0.46mm Medium Materia l (Material B)+0.15mm PVC Printing Material (Material A) 。
0.25mm PVC Printing Material (Material A)+0.28mm Medium Materia l (Material B)+0.25mm PVC Printing Material (Material A)

Craftsmanship :
1. Print text image on “printing material”, and wait until ink is thoroughly dry (generally 5-10 minutes);
2. Strip the protective film of Medium Material adhesive tape, cover the printed text surface on the medium material, laminate by a plastic envelope machine at temperature less than 130℃~150 ℃;
3. Cut the plastic enveloped material, stamp into cards by a card stamping machine, and tear the protective film on the surface of the card.

  • TOFO
  • card010
  • PVC
  • 0.76mm ,(0.15+0.46+0.15) (0.25+0.28+0.25)
  • A4 (200*300 mm)
  • White/golden/silver
  • A4 size with no laminating
 instant pvc card making material-white

This is a new technology for making cards. No need any bulk equipment or professional operation. Only one inkjet printer, heat laminator, trimmer can make it.
Just take few minutes to make 10cards. 

Printing medthod: inkjet printer   
Color: white
Size:200*300* 0.76mm or other size u want!

Constist(two kind):                   
 1,0.15mm pvc printing sheet+0.46mm core sheet +0.15mm pvc printing sheet
 2, 0.25mm pvc printing sheet+0.28mm core sheet+0.25mm pvc printing sheet 

Steps to make instant PVC double side card using material:
1,Use inkjet printer to print the image on the surface of printing sheet ,Be sure use mirror image printing mode and wait until the ink dried (about 5-10minutes)
2,Remove the protection film on two surface of core,and turn over the printing sheet(the side with image is inward) ,and put the printing sheet and adhesive base together ,
go through thepouch laminator ,the temperature is around:120C-160C

3. Cut the laminated sheet into standard card, remove the protection film from the surface of the card.
Packing: 50sets/box.  500sets/carton
Weight: 40kgs/carton
Carton size: 47*47*31cm
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