Pulse Capacitors

2 High specific energy density, strong capacitors energy storage
2 Low ESR, high ripple current and Large peak current shock handling capabilities
2 Low Inductance, Dv/dt large, frequency characteristics is good.
2 Self-healing property
2 Long lifetime(≥100000h)
2 High vacuum note oil, heat dissipation of capacitor performance is stable and reliable
2 Huge capacitance
2 High thermal conductivity


■  Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing


■  Applications

1、 Used for rail traffic traction or the ship drive converter.

2、 Used for various power industry inverter, such as high voltage variable frequency drive device

3、 Used for the harmonic management, SVG equipment.

■  Technical Specification 

Reference Standards  IEC 61071   IEC61881 JB/T8168
Operating Temperaturehot spot -40°C  to +70°C
Storage Temperature  -40°C  to +85°C
ΘHOTSPOT   +70°C(oil)+85°C(dry)
Capacitance tolerance     ± 5% or ± 10%
tanδ 3 x10-3 (100Hz,20°C)
Test voltage terminal to terminal  UTT   (1.31.5) Un for 10 seconds
Test voltage terminal to case UTC  (2Un+1000)VAC - 50Hz for 60 seconds
Permissible relative humidity  75%Annual average on 30 days / year
IEC climatic category  IEC 40 / 85 / 21
Capacitance deviation in the operating temperature range of –25°C  to +70 °C     ±1.5% max on capacitance value measured at +20°C  
Case components Aluminiumplastic304 stainless steel
Terminals  Tinned brass fastons or screws
Installation  Whatever Position
Life Expectancy  100.000 hours at Un or 2000 million time
Failure rate   50 FIT
Recommended torque for screw connections M6-3Nm,M8-6Nm

Note: Other specifications and size outside table are negotiable.

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