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?Tongling Tongfei Technology Co.,Ltd.
is a development,design,manufacture and market integrated professional capacitor manufacturer, the company's main products: metallized film for capacitor use, CBB series AC motor capacitor, SFPEC series power electronics capacitors, capacitors accessories, blank inkjet printable PVC card and compatible PVC tray.

The company registered capital of 10 million, covers a total factory area of more than 6000 square meters, existing staff of 76 people, and has set up a management platform of the management layer, production department, technical department, domestic trade department,foreign trade department, financial department and R&D center according to the standard system.
?The company is equiped with professional capacitor manufacturing equipment and testing instruments as coating machine,high precision metallized film slitter, imported Rod automatic winding machine, automatic spraying machines, vacuum packaging equipment,special capacitor voltage measurement, constant temperature dehumidify box, special test bridge for capacitor use, all these equipment provide a reliable guarantee for product quality.

We have the business idea of total integrity and globalization service. With international and professional service, we make great efforts to translate Chinese characteristics and industrial benefits into product advantages, at the same time, provide domestic and oversea clients with the most suitable high quality products.

     We are very appreciated to developing and creating of splendent tomorrow together with all the friends!
?Add: No.695 North Taishan Road,Tongling,Anhui,China     Tel: 86-562-2822518      Fax: 86- 562-2826278      Post Code:244000     E-mail:[email protected]
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